Wearing our vintage misery.

The Aoi / Laughing Man fan listing is now open, after giving me a hard time all day long. I look forward to just relaxing for a while now. ¬†Also, I’m a bit attached to the way I now add members and while coding by hand was a pain all day today…I would miss it too much if I stopped. So I’ll more than likely leave the listings the way they are. Perhaps far into the future, I’ll convert them to WP.

I previously forgot to add a line for the Country in each of the Join forms. Someone brought it to my attention and I fixed it right up. Not much else is going on. I’m thinking of revamping a few of the layouts, just the ones that have been up for nearly ten years. (I’m looking at you, Orion.) Also, the Alter Listings are back up and running, so maybe I will apply for one or two of them. It’s likely to be dead around here as the holidays approach, so I may not post anything new until 2015. Of course, the listings will still be updated every month.

Stay tuned.