Current Layout

This is version seven of Beloved Star, Where It’s a Small World. Version seven is the first to feature WordPress. As with my previous WP layouts, I didn’t have a general idea as to what I wanted when I opened Photoshop. I knew I wanted something different, and the Odin Sphere layout came about after playing around a bit. As for the coding, I’ve always wanted to do a fixed menu and image and just never got around to it, until now.

Past Layouts

Six: Where Standards Are Redefined
January 2013 – March 2014
Harle of Chrono Cross
Five: Where Skill Meets Determination
Apr 2012 – January 2013
Geis of Y’s VI: The Ark of Napishtim
Four: Where the Sea Meets Dreams (Dearly Beloved)
Jan 2008 – Apr 2012 (during site hiatus)
Sora of Kingdom Hearts (One)
Three: Where The Unexpected Happens
2007 – 2007
Malin of King of Fighters 2003
Two: Where Beauty Comes In Many Forms
2007 – 2007
Sheena Fujibayashi of Tales of Symphonia
One:Where All You Need Is A Good Book
July 2006 – 2007
Zeldalia of Atelier Iris