Online Since: July 25, 2006
Current Fanlistings: 15 (+1 upcoming)

The Reason

I decided to start this collective because I have so many fanlistings (but not many in comparison to some). I have a true passion for fanlistings — I love to create and manage them.

The Name

‘Beloved Star’ was really pulled out of thin air. The name came from the constellation Orion. =3 ‘Beloved’ is defined as dearly loved, and Orion of course, is a group of stars. So thus the name was born. (I realized later on that I may have also been subconsciously influenced by The Fellowship of the Ring.)


Studiopress for the amazing Genesis theme which inspired me to start creating my own child themes for WP.

Creative Uncut for providing every video game photo I could ever possibly want.

W3Schools for redefining the standards of web design and adding awesome new features, like the text-shadow that decorates my links.

Without which, I might never be tardy.